Liz Lant
Liz Lant

Bringing joy and beauty to the world is my raison d’être.  It has been since I was a little girl charged with decorating my first bedroom, sitting up until the wee hours of the morning happily flipping through the design books filled with samples of floral wallpaper. Flowers have always been an essential part of how I communicate joy and beauty, whether gathered from the woodlot at the back my childhood family farm or from the buckets in the flower garden in my back yard.  Along the way I have earned a few nicknames, the most notable being “Martha”.  My friends and family called me that because no matter what I did, it was essential that it be done to perfection and in a style that Martha Stewart herself would have been proud of.

My greatest influences come from nature – both cultured and wild – and from different design disciplines: florals, interiors, fine art, landscape architecture, fashion, philosophy.  I reference almost daily a few favourite leading experts:  Jane Packer and Michael George, floral designers extraordinaire; Tricia Guild, consummate interior design expert; Martha Stewart , guru of all Good Things; John Izzo, author; Jamie Lee Curtis, actress.  All are leaders and successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields.  Each inspires me to live by my authentic values of commitment to being the best I can be, gratitude, integrity, kindness, courage, dedication to family and living life to its fullest every moment of every day.

The Liz Lant style is clean and contemporary and focused on the beauty of the flower, not the cleverness of the design.   The floral design whose work has influenced me the most is Jane Packer, a British floral designer who takes her inspiration from the English garden and interprets what she sees into contemporary, sophisticated designs that leave me breathless.  I had the unique good fortune of taking one of her design classes while in London recently and in a few short hours it was confirmed that I truly was meant to create florals like this all my life – thank you Jane.

Although I studied classical piano through my teens and went on to win local talent contests, what I loved most was stealing away to the forest on a free afternoon to collect wild flowers for pressing, then creating into gifts of cards and stationery.  In my 20s and early 30s I was a fashion designer with my own label, and won a number of awards for my work before leaving the industry to spend more time with my 2 daughters. Even as a designer, you could always find me embellishing a room with fresh stems cut from our much adored potager garden.  There was success and a few accolades for my hard work and determination as a sales professional in my 40s, but the pull towards flowers remained strong and undeniable. I was always happiest when creating a beautiful floral vignette in our home or a stunning arrangement for a friend.  How fortunate that I am able to take all the skills I have acquired through these years and combine them with my desire to share my passion for bringing beauty and joy into the lives of all whom I touch.

Welcome to my wonderful adventure.