Spanish Splendor: An Arrangement of Carnations in Support of Darling House


Carnations - The National Flower of Spain

Caliente y picante acuerdo - hot and spicy arrangement (Photo by Michael Lant - Click on image to enlarge)

On November 4, the Liberty Grand was awash with the sounds and tastes of Spain, as a gala Spanish themed evening took place in support of the Darling House. I had the great pleasure of creating all the floral arrangements for this event.

The carnation is the national flower of Spain, so it was the obvious choice for the floral arrangements.  This gala was beautiful and sophisticated, so my challenge was to create an elegant look befitting of such a chic affair, using the humble and unsophisticated carnation.

I chose to use only carnations for the design, with a clear vase as the base, a bit of green filler for textural interest and a “liz” touch with hot peppers sprinkled throughout the flowers.  The shape of the arrangement was kept very simple and I used 30 stems of one colour of carnation for each arrangement – red or yellow, the national colours of Spain.

I loved the results and even my sceptical friends who wondered at anyone’s ability to turn 900 stems of yellow and red carnations into an inspired floral design, were impressed with the outcome.

As always, I look forward to your comments.


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