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Wasn’t That a Party

Tweet Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to create the floral decor for a really fun event – the 25th wedding anniversary of Deb and Les, my sister and her husband. This memorable party was attended by 250 of their closest friends and relatives. In keeping with the party personalities of the 2 hosts, [...]
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Lily – Week 4

Tweet Oriental Lilies (Photo by Michael Lant – Click on image to enlarge) About the Lily I was named Elizabeth after my paternal great grandmother, Elizabeth Speirs. I recently discovered that she was quite the gardener and lover of flowers and apparently had a very green thumb, especially when it came to Lilies and Dahlias. [...]
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The Hydrangea – Week 3

Tweet The first time I encountered Hydrangea was one Easter when I was first living away from home.  I wanted to give my parents something special and unique as a gift, which meant no Easter Lilies.  I found the perfect item at the local supermarket – a Hydrangea  plant in a brilliant, almost fake shade [...]
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Daisy Daisy – Week 2

Tweet Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you. When someone mentions Daisy, I immediately think of a flower with long slender white petals radiating from a yellow centre. It conjures up memories of verifying the love of my grade 5 sweetheart by reciting “he loves me [...]
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