Roses And Carnations - An Unlikely Yet Lovely Combination

Roses And Carnations - An Unlikely Yet Lovely Combination (Photo by Michael Lant - Click on image to enlarge)

What This Blog Is All About

Come with me on a journey of beauty, of joy, of passion, for the next 52 weeks – and beyond.

Each week I will feature one flower, a favourite flower of mine or of yours if you feel compelled to offer up a suggestion.  I will share with you some interesting facts and tidbits, but the really cool part of each blog is that I will be showing you how to create a beautiful, joyous presentation with this flower -something gorgeous that you can create easily and quickly to bestow upon your BFF, your Mom or Yourself.

Let it be known that I am not a botanist or an historian.  I can’t rhyme off all the scientific names and history of every flower I come across.  But being an expert on such matters isn’t what it’s all about for me.  Sharing my journey and my quest for more knowledge about that which I am passionate – that’s what I’m all about and that’s what this blog is all about.

And so, let the journey begin.  I’m so glad you are joining me for this beautiful, joyous voyage.